Recently, a backflow prevention assembly has made its way on the market and into the field that needs to be discussed – the Caleffi 574.  This model 574 is a reduced pressure zone backflow prevention assembly with a seemingly impressive list of approvals displayed on their specification sheet.  Unfortunately, this backflow prevention assembly does not display approvals by the USC Foundation (FCCCHR), nor has it been certified for conformity to ASSE/CSA standard by the association itself.  The assembly has been certified by a third-party company that states it meets the ASSE 1013 standard, but this is inadequate.  

Caleffi appears to be a legitimate and reputable company.  Starting in Italy 50 years agoCaleffi provides a variety of HVAC and plumbing components internationally.  However, performance standards in the United States and Canada are established to ensure the consistent quality and performance of every backflow prevention assembly and device. Circumventing these standards jeopardizes the cross connection industry by inserting potentially substandard products into the field that protects the drinking water supply for everyone. 

 discussed with several members of the Caleffi team to obtain their position and to determine whether or not they might seek FCCHR and ASSE/CSA approval.  Caleffi acknowledges that their 574 assembly does not have these certifications and approvals. Current state and local ordinances for cross connection control programs across the US and Canada make it clear that only assemblies approved by FCCHR and bearing the ASSE/CSA Product Seal shall be installed to protect cross connections within their jurisdiction.   As such, it is the position of BSI not to enter any backflow prevention assembly that does not meet the performance standards of FCCCHR and bearing the ASSE/CSA Product Seal. 

This bulletin is to advise you of the Caleffi 574 assembly and to bring awareness to it.  We hope that you take this information and share it with your building/plumbing officials. Everyone should be knowledgeable of this assembly when making decisions regarding your cross connection program. When permits are issued for new installations, BSI would hope that the Caleffi 574 would not be considered for new installations and be disqualified in your jurisdiction due to the lack of meeting the necessary and required quality performance standards. In the future, should the Caleffi 574 assembly be recognized and approved by FCCHR and ASSE/CSA, BSI will provide an update. 


Jody L Hill 

Director of Field Operations