Hello CBI/BSI family! We are thrilled to share another exciting employee newsletter!

Going Up in Flames (Almost)

Everyone loves a morning tradition, for some, that is a nice hot cup of coffee, others, a good morning workout, but for Mike and Don it was breakfast everyday around 10 a.m. So, as any other morning one work day, Mike and Don headed out to grab a bite to eat. Shortly after, Natalie went to find Doug as she could swear she smelled smoke. After tracking down Doug, more and more people started saying they smelled smoke, asking what room could possibly be the culprit. As panic ensued, Doug put two and two together, being as Mike smoked in his office, and ventured to open Mike’s office door. Smoke bellowed out and Doug was met with a thick cloud of smoke! Turns out, the trashcan under Mike’s desk was on fire, engulfed in flames. Doug manages to half drag the trash can into the parking lot to let it burn the rest of the way out. Turns out, when Mike was leaving to go to breakfast that morning, he threw a cigarette away and managed to catch paper on fire, all while almost burning the entire office down. Whew, that could have been bad!

Backflow Bob

Meet Backflow Bob, the new mascot of BSI! Keep an eye out for Bob as National Backflow Day is TOMORROW and he wants you to know…backflow is a big deal! We will continue utilizing our mascot to elevate our brand and BSI’s online presence.

National Backflow Day is tomorrow, August 16th! This day nationally recognizes the role of backflow prevention and cross-connection control, also, those who install, maintain, and test backflow preventers. Thank you to all CBI and BSI employees for your dedication and hard work daily, to make our companies and the industry, the best yet! Let us know how you will be celebrating!

New BSI Clients – June to August

College Corner OH 6/1/2022
Tsawwassen First Nation BC 7/1/2022
Mandeville LA 7/1/2022
Western Springs IL 7/15/2022
Lincoln County NC 7/15/2022
San Leon MUD TX 7/15/2022
Universal City TX 7/15/2022
Groveport OH 8/1/2022
Marysville OH 8/1/2022
Plain City OH 8/1/2022
Nassau Bay TX 8/1/2022
Norwalk IA 8/15/2022

New Employees

Join us in welcoming our newest employees!

Delilah Lopez

Kaitlyn Miller

Victoria Rodriguez
BSI | Sales

Backflow Gala

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. The Backflow Gala is back! Make sure to RSVP to the invitation sent by Jessica Radtke by September 1st. To get excited, here are some photos from Galas in years past.

Customer Service/Irrigation Season Update:

“I am incredibly proud of our customer service team for all of their hard work day in and day out. As someone who has been through 9 irrigation seasons with BSI, these few months are incredibly challenging & stressful. Not only did they survive but, they strived to make this one of the most successful and productive irrigation seasons I have seen to date. Way to go BSI CSR!!!

Chrissy Bloom
BSI Customer Service Manager

As Irrigation Season comes to a close, here are some stats from Customer Service over the past few months!


Total calls: 6,425
Total emails: 12,847
Total new tests entered: 3,040


Total calls: 9,689
Total emails: 16,920
Total new tests entered: 3,317


Total calls: 10,424
Total emails: 19,269
Total new tests entered: 4,393


Total calls: 7,923
Total emails: 14,106
Total new tests entered: 2,985

Are you in need of an afternoon pick me up?

Here is a little something to help get you through the day. In the wise words of Michael Scott, “I am Beyonce always”.

Account Management and Sales Update: Colorado Recap

Michelle, Melissa, and Bevin recently went to Colorado to visit 8 current customers: Edgewater, Englewood, Westminster, Broomfield, Northglenn, Erie, Estes Park, and Fort Collins and meet with 1 potential customer: Boulder. All meetings were positive, and clients loved being back to in person meetings. Majority of time, the meetings went over an hour and consisted of chatting/connecting about non-work items, camping recommendations, family, and favorite sports teams…the Cubs/Sox rivalry is the most common question! It was great to build those relationships out of state with people we typically only “see” on the computer. Many complimented Bevin, the Account Manager for Colorado, on her great customer service and quick response times to inquiries/questions…way to go Bevin!

 Jody was also in Colorado performing inspections for Englewood at the same time, so the group met up for a fun hike/sightseeing drive through the mountains!

Coming Soon!

CBI is 95% moved into their new shop in Schaumburg that will be the hub for supplying our inspectors with the backflow parts, and devices they need to service our great customers. The 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse will be stocked with backflow parts for inspectors and house all devices for installations, fabrications, and bench testing.

Helpful Resources for July/August

How To Deal With Angry Customers

Building Better Mental Health