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The BSI App shown on a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone.
The BSI App shown on a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone.

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Solutions to Manage All Your Backflow Needs

Cloud based Program

Online Test Submittal

No more paper, no more reports you cannot read, testers utilize our online smart forms.



See data in SECONDS of submittal.

Web based platform

Performance Indicators

The BSI dashboard is comprehensive with real-time graphs and reports.

Increased Compliance

Increase Compliance

With online test submittal, real-time reports/dashboards and the support of BSI customer service, you can increase compliance quickly.

Automated Processes

Automate Processes

Letters generate automatically from the system and are mailed by BSI staff.

On-Shore Customer Support

Stakeholder Support

Simply unmatched. We have 50+ staff members ready to assist Water Purveyors, Testers, and Water Customers with inquiries about your backflow program.

See BSI Online in Action!

Enhance Efficiency with BSI Online’s Cloud-Based backflow Solution

We will help you create a streamlined process where testers submit annual backflow test reports directly to your online backflow program. Our cloud-based solution, BSI Online,automaticallycomputes pass/fail per state standards,automaticallyverifies tester credentials are current and valid, andautomatically generates and mails letters for the water purveyor! 

Automated Compliance Warning

Seamless 24/7 Access to Backflow Program Management with BSI Online

With BSI Online, the water purveyor has full control of its backflow program with access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! BSI Online isindustry-leadingwith the accessibly of ourcloud-based solution, allowingmulti-user accesswith custom user roles and permissions, andunlimited user licenses! Our water purveyor receives an emailed copy of the test report with complete transparency of all letters and reports sent. 

Customer Service Excellence: BSI Online’s Dedication to Client Support

As a family-owned business, we aim to maintain a friendly and community-oriented culture here at BSI. Each partnership we establish adds immense value to our ever-growing backflow community. BSI Online offers both backflow solutions and a service, providing niche data point tracking, transparency, real-time data, customer service, IT support, and security of backflow data. BSI Online ispowering high-velocity backflow teams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who handles enforcement?2024-05-17T11:42:24-05:00

The Water Purveyor.

While BSI is a full-service data, administrative, and consulting firm/service, enforcement with local/State regulations always falls back to the Water Purveyor.

We are looking at traditional software options, why should we choose BSI?2024-05-17T11:36:23-05:00

We understand there are other backflow data management options in the marketplace…

like traditional software programs, asset management programs with a backflow module, or other cloud-based backflow management programs. BSI Online is an experienced, full-service backflow data management firm, meaning we can handle a wide scope of services regarding cross-connection control, while many other firms or software programs only offer a product. BSI staff are all employed in-house, including our IT/development team. We can assist with ordinance review/revision, assistance with technical backflow questions, ready to download State reports, water customer and testing community backflow specific questions, consulting on industry best practices/trends for backflow data  management and administration and much more. Finally, we automate many of the cumbersome tasks associated with administering a program. If you were to choose another means of tracking, the Water Purveyor would still have to generate/mail your own letters, enter data into software, manually check  tester credentials/licenses, and field ALL customer service inquiries.

How hard is the transition? What do we need to provide?2024-05-17T11:34:39-05:00

Our expert team handles most of the burden of the transition.

All we need from the Water Purveyor is your backflow and mailing data sent electronically and/or scanned test reports, letter approval, and a short questionnaire filled out about how you want the program to run. BSI handles cleansing the data, importing into the BSI system, and communication to the testing community about the new program. We can typically transition a program to BSI Online within 60 to 90 days. Keep in mind, customer service is provided by BSI to all stakeholders, so we will field most, if not all, inquiries about the program.

Who owns the data?2024-05-17T11:31:42-05:00

The Water Purveyor owns the data.

BSI is simply contracted to assist in managing the database for you and certain administrative tasks. If you were to terminate with BSI, you have full access to your data within the solution and can download data at any time.

Does my municipality need to be a certain size to use a backflow program?2024-05-15T12:15:25-05:00


We have a wide variety of towns, cities and municipalities that use BSI. Some consist of less than 100 devices, and others have tens of thousands, but everyone benefits from using BSI Online!

Backflow education and information is crucial to running a successful cross-connection control program. That is why we created the BSI Backflow Academy. A resource for all program stakeholders.

Customer Testimonials

“It is difficult to find such a thorough backflow solution at an affordable price point in any situation, but BSI falls in to that category for backflow management 100%.”   

Granbury, TX

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