FOG Management

The EPA suggests a program be in place to help prevent the introduction of pollutants into a POTW that will interfere with operation, pass through the wastewater treatment plants and improve water conditions for communities. Utilizing BSI’s FOG data management program includes a multitude of features to help protect your wastewater system: 


BSI will streamline your FOG processes, making your program much more efficient. Simply provide BSI with an initial inventory of your FSEs (Food Service Establishment) and their grease trap/interceptors.  


BSI will send a notification to FSEs informing them of the hauling schedule for the year. These notifications are customizable with your logo and text, based on your requirements or code. Depending on your need, more notifications can be sent for an additional cost.  


FSE’s or haulers can enter our site to log the manifest information electronically….no more receiving reports on paper! BSI never purges your data, so you are always available to view manifests on your FOG portal for any address in your inventory.


This includes personalized, secure, multi-user access to all hauling manifests with real-time data. Once logged in, the user can search, sort, and export any data into an Excel file. Non-compliant facilities can also be viewed in real-time. 


BSI’s website is adaptable to any device. This makes it extremely easy to access your FOG Program from anywhere, whether you are out in the field for an inspection, or at your desk, your data is available at your fingertips! 

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