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Do you have questions regarding how the 401K plan works or how to get started? If you answered yes than contact:

Jason Burriss | 312.419.3502

For assets outside the 401K plan, Financial Planning, Trust Accounts, Estate Planning or 529 College Savings Accounts contact either:

Michael Psaltis | 312.419.3516


Kyle A. Mackey | 312.419.3572

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Valerie Renteria
Valerie RenteriaCBI | Customer Service Agent
January 7th
Abby Caruso
Abby CarusoBSI | Account Manager
January 8th
Laura Nava
Laura NavaCBI/BSI/RSI | Accounting Clerk
January 16th
Brad Stancampiano
Brad StancampianoExecutive Vice President
January 18th
Alyssa Niven
Alyssa NivenBSI | Asst. Customer Service Manager
January 18th
Jill Buczko
Jill BuczkoCBI | Customer Service Agent
January 19th
Donna Peña
Donna PeñaBSI | Account Manager
January 26th
Samantha McCarthy
Samantha McCarthyBSI | Sales Associate
January 28th
Bella Chavez-Perez
Bella Chavez-PerezCBI | Customer Service Agent
January 28th
Jeffrey Witek
Jeffrey WitekCBI | Inspector
February 6th
Joseph Scorzo
Joseph ScorzoCBI/BSI/RSI | Creative Director
February 11th
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas SmithCBI | Customer Service Agent
February 15th
James Kucala
James KucalaCBI | Inspector
February 18th
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth JohnsonBSI | Sales Assistant
February 18th
Carolyn Martin
Carolyn MartinBSI | Customer Service Agent
February 25th


Jody Hill
Jody HillBSI | Director of Field Operations
24 Years of Service
Natalie Smith
Natalie SmithCBI/BSI/RSI | Chief Financial Officer
21 Years of Service
Christine Walsh
Christine WalshBSI | Vice President of Operation
19 Years of Service
Bevin Heiden
Bevin HeidenBSI | Account Manager
9 Years of Service
Donna Peña
Donna PeñaBSI | Account Manager
7 Years of Service
Lauren Bolek
Lauren BolekBSI | Sales Manager
6 Years of Service
Crystal Sons
Crystal SonsBSI Customer Service Agent
5 Years of Service
Carolyn Martin
Carolyn MartinBSI | Customer Service Agent
4 Years of Service
Kailee Papendik
Kailee PapendikBSI | Customer Service Agent
4 Years of Service
Edward Hayes
Edward HayesCBI | Inspector
4 Years of Service
Genaro Martinez
Genaro MartinezCBI | Inspector
3 Years of Service
Abby Caruso
Abby CarusoBSI | Account Manager
1 Year of Service

New News! 

Tamara Wichelns | BSI Customer Service

Welcomed a granddaughter.
Caroline Mae was born 12/28/23 – 9lbs 1oz 21in.

Congratulations Tamara! 

Carrie Martin | BSI Customer Service Agent

Is expecting Baby #2 in May.
Wishing Carrie and family a big congratulations 

New Employees

We welcome these new employees to our backflow community!

Data Entry 

Amy Halm
Amy Halm
Callie Racine
Callie Racine

Customer Service

Hannah Washkowiak
Hannah Washkowiak
Gianna Woods
Gianna Woods


Carlee Barker
Carlee Barker

BSI Sales Update

Highest January for meetings in history with 25 meetings, 7 contracts signed and almost 50,000 valves sold!

CBI 2023 Business Development

Award Winner

Alan Kindness 

CBI Promotion!!!

Jessica Radtke – Vice President of CBI


Last year, CBI had the lowest amount sent to collections/write offs in over 10 years!! Major congratulations to Natalie and Laura for their hard work!

CBI Event/Fundraiser – Sarah’s Circle – Join Us!

If anyone from either company would like join CBI at the Winter Walk – please email!

Sarah's circle walk graphic

Check out our companies organization charts below!

$100 Gift Card Raffle!

If you (or a client) has/have company merch (CBI/BSI/RSI – doesn’t have to be new merch – whatever merch you have or was given out!) OR find a backflow on the job (CBI) or out in the wild (Yes – talking to our Florida people!!!!) – take a fun (appropriate) picture or video to use for marketing and social media. Send submissions to for your chance to win a gift card of your choice ($100) at the end of the month. Yes – more submissions = more chances to win!!

Thank you!

Melissa Joyce – Director of Marketing