V3 released to all testers!

This is a major undertaking. Thank you to Brian, Michelle, Brad, and the rest of the IT team: Vitalii, Dmitry, Ron, and Tatiana.  

New Employee Alert!! 

Welcome our newest employee to our backflow community!

Customer Service

Bridgett Niven
Bridgett NivenWater Customer CSR


Alaska has joined on, this brings BSI to managing 34 states and 4 provinces. Looking forward to continued growth!!

Alaska with bsi's logo on top

Letter From Customer Service 

Here in Customer Service, we are pushing through the transition with 3.0 and gearing up for irrigation season 😊 Our customer service team certainly earned their paychecks over the past few weeks, lol. I am grateful and proud of each of them. Between learning the new program in a short time, their patience on long phone calls with the testers looking for a run through of 3.0, being punching bags for testers who preferred the old system & just call to complain, troubleshooting issues to determine whether things are user error or legitimate issues & bringing them to management’s attention…. I could not have asked for a better team to be here when 3.0 finally rolled out! We are even starting to get some compliments from companies telling us how much they love the new system! As expected, we knew there would be issues or bugs that pop up, and when they did, Brian was/is there to the rescue! That man has been a Godsend – thank you Brian! 

Chrissy Bloom
Chrissy BloomBSI | Customer Service Manager

Letter From Sales

Sales Team has had the highest January and February meetings on company record – with over 80 meetings booked during the first quarter of this year! Special kudos to our research specialist Liz for her initiative with prospecting new leads/accounts. Kudos and thanks to Sam, Vicky, and Kinsley for their hard work and flexibility with quickly adapting to our new demo process for V3, raking in the meetings to keep us all busy, and following up with prospective clients to bring more onboard with BSI in 2024. Best sales team in the industry!

Additional kudos to Marketing – the improvements to website SEO, sales resources, promotion of google reviews and testimonials, ads, and eblasts to prospective clients has played a significant role in the success of the sales team, with many meetings being booked directly from our website! With 6 of our 22 new clients (almost 30%!), the initial contact and/or meeting came directly from marketing efforts.

Huge thank you to our Account Management and Customer Service teams for continuously maintaining positive relationships with our stakeholders. We have already had several referrals come through this year. Additionally, 7 of our 22 new clients initially called or emailed BSI Customer Service with interest in our services. Every person in this company plays a huge role is our success and it does not go unnoticed! Although your roles may not have “sales” in the title, it is truly every single person who responds to emails, answers phone calls, and provides any type of support that is a face and voice for our company…and you are continually selling current clients, testers, and water customers on why BSI is the best in the biz! Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

Lauren Bolek
Lauren BolekBSI | Sales Manager

Chuck passed the first part of the Illinois Private Alarm Contractor cert. This will allow RSI to offer more services! Nice work, Chuck!


Hannah Washkowiak
Hannah WashkowiakBSI | Water Customer CSR
March 1st
Vito Tripoli
Vito TripoliCBI | Superintendent
March 3rd
Melissa Joyce
Melissa JoyceDirector of Marketing & Sales
March 9th
Ron Schneider
Ron SchneiderBSI | Developer
March 18th
Donna Hogel
Donna HogelCBI | Customer Service Agent
March 22nd
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria RodriguezBSI | Sales Representative
March 26th
Amy Halm
Amy HalmBSI | Data Entry Specialist
March 27
Genaro Martinez
Genaro MartinezCBI | Inspector
March 31st
Callie Racine
Callie RacineBSI | Data Entry Specialist
April 2nd
Colton Wicinski
Colton WicinskiBSI | Graphic Designer
April 3rd
Jack Chambers
Jack ChambersCBI | Inspector
April 6th
Kelli Castellanos
Kelli CastellanosBSI | Data Entry Specialist
April 7th
Katie Rager
Katie RagerBSI | Account Manager
April 13th
Kelly Peterson
Kelly PetersonBSI | Credentials/ Dashboard
April 30th


Katie Rager
Katie RagerBSI | Account Manager
23 Years of Service
Donna Hogel
Donna HogelCBI | Customer Service
20 Years of Service
Jessica Radtke
Jessica RadtkeCBI | Vice President
19 Years of Service
Jack Chambers
Jack ChambersCBI | Inspector
11 Years of Service
Chrissy Bloom
Chrissy BloomBSI | Customer Service Manager
10 Years of Service
Jen Bloom
Jen BloomBSI | Database Coordinator
10 Years of Service
Pete Rodriguez
Pete RodriguezCBI | Inspector
9 Years of Service
Alan Kindness
Alan KindnessCBI| Inspector
9 Years of Service
Daisy Sanchez
Daisy SanchezBSI | Account Management Supervisor
8 Years of Service
Alyssa Niven
Alyssa NivenBSI | Assistant Customer Service Manager
8 Years of Service
Melissa Joyce
Melissa JoyceDirector of Sales & Marketing
8 Years of Service
Rita Smith
Rita SmithBSI | Testing Company CSR
5 Years of Service
Keriann Clarin
Keriann ClarinBSI | Data Entry Specialist
3 Years of Service
Jeffrey Witek
Jeffrey WitekCBI | Inspector
2 Years of Service
Marie Lewis
Marie LewisCBI | Customer Service
2 Years of Service
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth JohnsonBSI | Account Manager
1 Year of Service
Laura Nava
Laura Nava Accounting Clerk
1 Year of Service

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New Van Wraps!

We’ve added some smaller vans to our fleet to help our amazing inspectors traverse deep in the heart of the city. This gave us a great opportunity to give the CBI Guy some of the spotlight!

Chief Engineers St. Patrick’s Day Event!

CBI office staff and inspectors attended the annual Chief Engineers St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at the Irish American Heritage Center!

Women’s Month

For Women’s Month, we highlighted Jessica and her promotion. Check out the article!

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Wounded Warrior Project Carry Forward Virtual Walk or Run 5k

On Thursday, April 25th, use the hashtags #teambsi #wwpxbsi #carryforwardbsi and share a photo or video of you walking or running! Become a participant on our team, donate or learn more here! If you would like to walk or run as a group of employees on the 25th – reach out to Melissa Joyce if interested!

Time Management Article

Every six minutes, the average employee checks their messages, according to RescueTime research. While these frequent interruptions might seem harmless, a study from UC Irvine found it can take nearly 23 minutes to resume work after an interruption.

Emails and Slack messages aren’t the only sources of distraction, however. Workflow can be derailed by meetings, chatty coworkers or family members, social media, and a noisy environment. Read More >>>

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