Town of Southern Pines, North Carolina

The Town of Southern Pines transitioned to BSI Online in late 2015. Their program started small with 93 devices and it was a traditional, manual program, such as, collecting the occasional test report faxed or emailed in and preparing/sending annual notifications.

Since transitioning to our automated website, utilizing BSI’s expertise and additional remediation services we offer, their program has grown by nearly 93% to 1,318 devices and maintain a 98% compliance. Yes, you read that right…the program has grown 93% in less than 3 years AND a 98% compliance.

Since the program is automated, letters are generated automatically, testers enter their credentials and test reports online and your database is updated in real-time. No waiting for faxes or emails, no chasing down a testing company for their license, everything is done by BSI and automated, freeing up your time for enforcement, compliance, and other value-added tasks in your department.

Check out the testimonial from Ron Istre, Utilities Superintendent with the Town of Southern Pines: “I am very pleased with the partnership we have.  You and your staff have been very professional in assistance with implementation of our program.  I look forward to our continued cooperation to help keep our water safe.”

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