When the calendar flips to October, the first hints of fall arrive with it.  We look forward to the weekend football games, outdoor campfires with family and friends, going to the county fair, or visiting an apple orchard and taking hayrides.  Some of you may even begin the countdown to Christmas just skipping right by the two holidays that come before.  But if you happen to have a lawn irrigation system, October also means it is time to start thinking about your plans for the winter to take care of that system.   

 During the winter months, when temperatures take a dive, water in an irrigation system could freeze and cause significant damage to the water lines, timers, valves and the backflow prevention assembly.  This could be quite the expensive repair so careful consideration must be given to the type of winter conditions your system will be exposed to and what steps you should take to be prepared. 

 If you have a grasp on your irrigation system winterizing it can be a relatively quick DIY job. A great tool for lawn care that can help you decide when the right time to schedule your winterization can be found HERE. This website lets you see the average soil temperature for your area. The goal is to have your system shut down before the frost sets in. 

There are still a few reasons why you may want to hire an irrigation contractor. First, the winterization process requires a comprehensive working knowledge of your specific system, including the layout of each irrigation zone. If you don’t know your system well, it’s good to have a trained eye looking over the process. Second, the blow-out process (which most systems will require) can cause damage to system components if it’s not performed properly. This step also requires a powerful air compressor which you might not own. A professional contractor can make quick work of winterizing your irrigation system allowing you to spend your time enjoying the autumn colors  

So don’t wait, schedule your winterization today and get a jump on old Jack Frost.