Recent studies have shown that Americans use on average 50 billion water bottles each year and climbing, though only recycle 23% of the plastic bottles when finished. This means that nearly 38 billion of those water bottles were trashed, leading to increased pollution and landfill waste. This also has an economic impact by producing more than $1 Billion in wasted plastic each year, equivalent to 912 million gallons of oil. This could all be avoided by simply using a green water bottle or reusable water bottle to reduce waste.

At BSI Online, we practice what we preach and have eliminated single use water bottles from the office in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. We provided each employee with their own personalized reusable bottle, as well as additional water coolers around the office. Considering all the benefits of reusable BPA free water bottles, it is a no brainer to stop using plastic one-time use water bottles.  More than that, the savings you will achieve minus the average cost of a reusable water bottle is around $255 per year!