Jon Snow told the world that, “Winter was coming.” Not to be confused with John Snow who famously told the world water should be “filtered and boiled before it is used”. This is one of the first practical applications of the Germ Theory of Disease and is the precursor to the modern boil water advisory. A water boil advisory (WBA) is a public health advisory or directive given by government or health authorities to consumers when a community’s drinking water is, or could be, contaminated by pathogens.

WBAs are usually issued when a water supply is contaminated with sewage or a drop in water pressure below 20 pounds per square inch. This advisory stays in effect until tests show the water is safe to drink. Testing can take 24 to 28 hours to complete. During an issued water boil, make sure to bring tap water to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute and let it cool before using or consuming. Don’t forget that appliances like refrigerators and coffee pots connected to water lines are also affected and should not be used during an advisory.

The backflow world is far from a fast exhilarating thrill ride, but it’s one that is crucial to a healthy community and should always be taken seriously. The only sure method to preventing a loss in water pressure is by having qualified personnel out in the field conducting field facility surveys and plumbing inspections to identify cross-connections. To learn more about backflow and cross-connection safety, head over to our Backflow Academy.