Industry best practices & utilizing BSI Online to increase backflow testing compliance.

When you hear the word “compliance,” what comes to mind? The first order of business regarding increasing compliance within your jurisdiction would be to correctly define the word. Compliance, simply put, is “the action of complying with a command,” or “the state of meeting rules or standards.” Different states, provinces, regions, municipalities, and water purveyors have different rules and regulations around backflow/cross-connection compliance, so it is important to familiarize yourself with your governing authority’s compliance requirements so you are able to avoid cross-connection fines, violations.

One question we get asked frequently, is how do I increase my backflow testing compliance? We have compiled a list of the most frequent ways other water purveyors have increased compliance:

  • Do you have an ordinance or bylaw? Check to make sure you do or do not. This is critical to ensuring the program has a strong back bone and structure.
  • Introduce a public education campaign on backflow & cross-connection via website, social media, and mail pieces.
  • Provide documentation on State/Provincial rules & regulations for water customers to find easily on the website or reference them in your notification letters.
  • During the permitting or building process, ensure information is given about getting the newly installed device tested
  • During new water account setup, insert or provide via email an informational/educational handout about backflow/cross-connection.
  • Allocate staff to perform field verification of properties. Inspections are a great way to ensure you have an accurate inventory of devices in your jurisdiction, meet property owners and explain backflow/cross-connection in person.
  • Allocate staff to enforcement follow up including: generating and sending additional communications (phone calls, emails, door tags, etc.).

How can BSI Online help to increase your compliance?

BSI Online was created to help increase backflow testing compliance and make efficient backflow program administration, while saving you time, energy, and money. Our cloud based data management program offers online test submittal, real-time reports/dashboards, and the support of BSI customer service, which can increase your compliance quickly, with minimal effort on your end.

Online Test Submittal

Let’s face it, who wants to spend hours of time tediously filing away paperwork for all your backflow devices? If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, you’re in luck. One of the features BSI Online offers is online test submittal which streamlines the process for both testers and purveyors making it simple for testers to upload the results of the test and immediately see if that device passed or failed. The ability to submit tests online right from the testing location ensures that accurate results can be submitted with ease, avoiding any miscommunication or misinformation that can sometimes occur when you wait to submit your tests. This online testing portal is accessible to both testers and purveyors, with multiple checks and balances along the way so that the only thing your testers have to focus on is the test itself. Removing excess steps and obstacles creates a simple and straightforward experience for everyone involved which will ultimately increase compliance.

Real-time Reports and Dashboards

As the industry and technology advances, so should your test submittal times! BSI Online’s data can be seen within SECONDS of submission. Yes, you read that right, seconds. For an easy implementation process, BSI will construct your backflow tracking database and mail all backflow assembly test due notifications. All test reports are filed electronically by the backflow assembly tester via BSI Online. The tester pays a $15.95 filing fee for each report. BSI Online offers absolute custom reporting, this means the Water Purveyor has full control of its backflow program with 24/7 access and custom, real-time reports.

Customer Service Support

BSI prides itself for its customer service assistance, this means complete customer service with live customer service representatives. Our client support is simply unmatched. BSI has 50+ staff members ready to assist Water Purveyors, Tester, and Water Customers with inquiries about your backflow program. When you sign up for our cloud based solution, BSI will assign you a specific account manager and direct you to knowledgeable customer support, so you are always speaking with a live person in real-time. Our customer service team goes above and beyond to make sure testers and purveyors always are informed on any questions they might have.

Are you taking the necessary steps to increase your backflow testing compliance? BSI Online’s cloud based backflow data management program is automating and simplifying your backflow tracking program and processes. Our unmatched customer service support, real-time reports and dashboards, and online test submittal can increase your compliance quickly!