Did you know BSI offers additional services that include automated additional notices for your backflow tracking program, like a Failed or Final Notice, FOG data & program management, cross-connection site surveys inspections, and mail surveys? To learn more about these proactive, additional services, keep reading! 

Failed or Final Notice 

One of BSI’s most helpful additional services is the notices we send out to increase compliance. When you are a BSI Online tracking customer, we can automate a Failed or additional Final notice for your program through the BSI system. These are additional automated notices, in addition to the (2) we automatically send for water purveyors. This is an extra layer of automation to ensure properties and devices are notified of a Failed device and/or a 3rd notification giving them additional notice to get their devices tested. Automating additional notices gives you, the water purveyor, more time to perform other activities for your department instead of administrative mailing tasks. 

By utilizing BSI Online to automatically generate all your additional notices, you will have more time to focus on non-compliant devices and/or properties. Automating the additional notices can free up your time to field verify the information in the tracking solution, examine those failed assemblies in person, and connect with final notice properties regarding the importance of ensuring their backflow is tested on time.  

FOG Data Management 

The EPA suggests a program be in place to help prevent the introduction of pollutants into a POTW that will interfere with operation, pass through the wastewater treatment plants and improve water conditions for communities. Utilizing BSI’s FOG data management program includes a multitude of features to help protect your wastewater system: 

  • Inventory 

BSI will streamline your FOG processes, making your program much more efficient. Simply provide BSI with an initial inventory of your FSE’s (Food Service Establishment) and their grease trap/interceptors.  

  • Notifications 

BSI will send a notification to FSE’s informing them of the hauling schedule for the year. These notifications are customizable with your logo and text, based on your requirements or code. Depending on your need, more notifications can be sent for an additional cost.  

  • Online Hauling Manifests 

No more receiving reports on paper! FSE’s or haulers can enter our site to log the manifest information electronically. We will never purge your data, so you can always view hauling manifests on your FOG portal for any address in your inventory.  

  • Access 

This includes personalized, secure, multi-user access to all hauling manifests with real-time data. Once logged in, the user can search, sort, and export any data into an Excel file. Non-compliant facilities can also be viewed in real-time. 

  • Adaptable  

BSI’s website is adaptable on any device. This makes it extremely easy to access your FOG Program from anywhere, whether you are out in the field for an inspection, or at your desk, your data is available at your fingertips! 

Site Inspections 

We are industry professionals in seamlessly and efficiently conducting backflow/cross-connection inspections in various States and Provinces. Over the last 30 years, we have performed over 30,000 backflow inspections all over North America; from California to Florida, all the way up to Canada. We offer a full consultation service for the entire process of inspections including initial notifications, physical inspections recommendation, and potential remediation actions for the Water Purveyor. BSI serves as an excellent alternative to hiring a staff of inspectors internally. When working with BSI you can expect expert project coordination, licensed inspectors, customer service and support for all water customer inquiries, notification and documentation of each property, as well as reports generated for you at the end of the inspection project. Leading our inspection efforts is Jody Hill, Director of Field Operations with BSI Online with over 30 years’ experience. 

Mail Surveys 

BSI offers a wide range of mail survey options, enabling us to assist you with any budget you have. We offer complete turn-key service all the way to just guidance to help you complete your cross-connection mail survey efficiently and effectively. Our mail survey options ensure that you are identifying potential cross-connections and backflows in the field that you may not know about. Check out our options below: 

  • All-Inclusive (Most Popular Option) 

This option handles the entire survey process from start to finish. BSI covers all costs (material, postage, and labor) and performs all the clerical work needed for a successful project including send a survey cover letter, establish a web portal for responses, all results cataloged by BSI, and comprehensive report furnished upon completion of your mail all- inclusive mail survey project. 


  • Cataloging  

We would consult you in the distribution of cross-connection control mail survey. This option includes providing our templates for survey letters, but the water purveyor prints and sends, our web portal established for responses, all results cataloged by BSI, and a comprehensive report furnished upon project completion. This option allows you to perform your survey requirements with the expert assistance of BSI and keep your budget intact. 


  •  Web Portal Only / Consulting 

This is our cost-saving method. BSI would consult and guide you in the distribution and cross- connection control survey. This option includes providing our templates, establishing a web portal to collect responses, but all responses are forwarded to the water purveyor to catalogue and create your own report. 

Are you ready to take the next step with BSI? To learn more about our services, and find the option that best fits your budget, visit https://backflow.com. 

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