Eddy Hayes
Eddy HayesCBI | Inspector
May 2nd
Angie Perez
Angie PerezBSI | Testing Company CSR
May 10th
Courtney Kannberg
Courtney KannbergBSI | Account Manager
May 18th
Christine Walsh
Christine WalshBSI | Vice President of Operations
May 19th
Marie Lewis
Marie LewisCBI | Customer Service Agent
May 21st
Tamara Wichelns
Tamara WichelnsBSI | Water Customer CSR
May 22nd
Mike Eisenhauer
Mike EisenhauerFounder
May 23rd
Wendy Olderskog
Wendy OlderskogCustomer Service Manager | BSI Canada
May 23rd
Jessica Radtke
Jessica RadtkeCBI | Vice President
June 1st
Jen Bloom
Jen BloomBSI | Data Coordinator
June 5th
Crystal Sons
Crystal SonsBSI | CSR Email Team
June 12th
Vitalli Strimbanu
Vitalli StrimbanuBSI | Lead Developer
June 12th
Carlee Barker
Carlee BarkerBSI Canada | Customer Service
June 12th
Chuck Gura
Chuck GuraRSI | Superintendent
June 13th
Bob Rivera
Bob RiveraCBI | Inspector
June 14th
Ashley Clayton
Ashley ClaytonBSI | Water Customer CSR
June 26th
Michelle Bever
Michelle BeverBSI | Vice President
June 30th


Julia Peterson
Julia PetersonBSI | Data Entry Specialist
2 Years of Service
Wendy Olderskog
Wendy OlderskogBSI Canada | Customer Service Manager
2 Years of Service
Morgan Clarke
Morgan ClarkeBSI | Marketing Manager
2 Years of Service
Angelina Abbott
Angelina AbbottBSI | Water Customer CSR
3 Years of Service
Delilah Lopez
Delilah LopezBSI | Testing Company CSR
2 Years of Service
Kayla Walsh
Kayla WalshBSI | Data Entry Specialist
6 Years of Service
Mark Conoboy
Mark ConoboyCBI | Inspector
7 Years of Service

IT Updates

  • New features include making questions and media required on test forms!  
  • The infamous INSPECTION MODULE is here!! More details to come 😊 Kudos Brian and the entire Dev team! 
  • 3.0 Canada is live! 

New Employees

Lindsay Badali
Lindsay BadaliData Entry Specialist
Caitlan Maroney
Caitlan MaroneyWater Customer CSR

New Record!

Most letters in ONE day on April 15, 2024! 

27,139 Letters!

Carrie Martin had her baby boy!

Henry Thomas Martin – 6 lbs / 19 inches.
Born 4/29

Customer Service Stats

Water Customer Team

Testing Company Team

April Call Count
May Call Count
April Email Count
May Email Count
April Call Count
May Call Count
April Email Count
May Email Count

Agents who took highest number of calls in April and May

Gianna Woods
Gianna WoodsWC Team
Angie Perez
Angie PerezTC Team

Agent who replied to the most emails in April and May

Crystal Sons
Crystal Sons

Positive Review

An extremely positive Google review for BSI! It is rare someone mentions ease of process from the marketing/sale to the ongoing tracking. Excellent work, Sales, Marketing, and Account Management teams!

BSI Furry Friends

EPA Compliant pets! If you would like your furry friend featured on our social media, please send your photos to!

Mylow, Daisy Sanchez’s dog

Ron Swanson, Melissa Joyce’s cat

Scout, Lauren Bolek’s dog

BSI headed to Pompano Beach, Florida this June for a Lunch and Learn. We are excited to educate and connect with others!

Website and SEO

We are now Number 1 on Google for CBI in certain areas/searches! Improving SEO has been an ongoing project and huge undertaking for our Marketing Team with a lot of hours behind the scenes working to achieve this, kudos on the major website/SEO improvements!


Bella Chavez
Bella ChavezCBI Customer Service Representative

Bella is now a full-time CBI Customer Service Representative.

Welcome Aboard!

Angelina Abbott
Angelina AbbottCBI Data Entry Clerk

Angelina Abbott moved from our BSI customer service team to CBI!

Countdown to the 2024 Backflow Gala

More Flags More Fun!

CBI had fun testing at Six Flags a few weeks back!

We are Live on Vive!

This allows us to be a preferred vendor for First Service Residential, a large property management company in Illinois. 

Check out our companies organization charts below!

May/June Sales and Marketing Team Favorites!

Soundtrack to Concentrate: Bridgerton Official Playlist
Recommended by Melissa Joyce – Director of Sales & Marketing

Get it on Spotify

Get it on Apple Music

New Artist: Myles Smith
Recommended by JD Scorzo, Creative Director

Get it on Spotify

Get it on Apple Music

Audiobook: The Mountain is You – Brianna Wiest
Recommended by Lauren Bolek, BSI Sales Manager

Get it on Audible

Podcast: Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks
Recommended by Sam McCarthy, BSI Sales Rep

Get it on Audible

Summertime drink: Truly Cotton Candy Seltzer
Recommended by Morgan Clarke, Marketing Manager

Summertime drink: Summer Water – water, coconut water, lemon or lime juice, pineapple juice
Recommended by Sam McCarthy, BSI Sales Rep

Movie: My Cousin Vinny
Recommended by Victoria Rodriguez, BSI Sales Rep

TV Show: Vanderpump Rules
Recommended by Elizabeth Johnson, BSI Sales Assistant