Let’s face it, most of us our doing it right now even as you read this. Working from home has become a challenge the majority of people have had to face. While our offices may look different and function differently, we are still here servicing all our valuable clients each and every day! It’s been difficult to shift our close knit family atmosphere to a remote socially distanced one, so we asked our staff what has helped them adjust and continue to have a productive work day.

  • Try to have a dedicated space that is different from your normal relaxation or socializing spots. It is easy to fall into the habits and mindset you normally have in these spaces and you will be less productive.  –  Shea S.
  • Get up and ready for work, just like if you were going into the office. – Michelle B.
  • Be comfy: If that old desk chair is killing your back, take some of that money not spent on gas to buy a new chair, you will thank yourself. – Madison B.
  • When one of my jams 😊 comes on Spotify. I take a dance break, makes me get up from my chair and dance like no one is watching. LOL! – Bevin H.
  • Tidy up your desk every Friday to start the next week fresh. – Lauren B.
  • I try to take lunch outside in the backyard, it’s hard to leave the AC on the hot days but Vitamin D and fresh air are a nice refresher! – Vanessa H.
  • Know your goals/tasks & come up with a schedule for getting them done. – Jen B.
  • My personal tip is that I wear my fit bit and have it set to go off every hour so I get up and walk around for couple mins to stretch and get 250 steps in. – Natalie S.
  • Having my dogs by my side has been a great stress reliever! – Nick S.
  • I wake up early, to fit in focused work before the kids are up. Then throughout the day, I can fit in calls, emails, or shorter tasks that require less focus. I also try to not define my day by the hours I work, I try to be more focused on the tasks I accomplished. – JD S.

Send us any tips of your own!