What sets BSI Online above the competition? BSI specializes in backflow data management and program administration by providing a cloud-based solution to water purveyors to increase compliance and ease the administration workload. Not only do we provide the cloud-based solution, but customer service and support as well. This combination of solution and service sets us above the rest in the industry…..but don’t take it from us! Continue reading below:

Your program is the bomb! I work with two other types, and they are not as user friendly or as fast & easy to complete! I thank you & BSI for a great program and outstanding support when it’s needed!”

-Arizona Tester

Here at BSI, we aim to simplify cross-connection/backflow program management and administration with the latest technologies, unmatched customer service, and field expertise to save our water purveyors precious time, energy, and money. At our very core is Boldness, Support, and Innovation: BSI. We are inventing, re-inventing, and seeking to always do better within our company, products, solutions and services. We aim to impress our clients, partners, and customers at every opportunity. Our BSI employees go above and beyond their quest for customer satisfaction and happiness, this makes us stand out from the competition. We have 75+ trained staff members ready to assist you!

How will our cloud-based solution better serve your backflow program and constituents?

Easy Implementation: BSI will help migrate your current backflow tracking database to BSI Online and mail all backflow assembly test due notifications.

Online Test Entry: All test reports are filed electronically by the backflow assembly tester via BSI online. The tester pays a $15.95 filing fee for each report.

Custom Reporting: The water purveyor has full control of its backflow program with 24/7 access and custom reporting.

Accessibility: Our cloud-based solution allows multi-user water purveyor access, and unlimited user licenses.

Tester Credential Verification: BSI Online verifies all backflow licenses and/or credentials required by State and/or local jurisdiction, as well as test kit calibration certifications.

Customer Service Assistance: BSI has entire teams ready to assist you, your water customers, and your testing companies with complete customer service and support with live customer service representatives.

Automated Backflow Program Management: Our product, BSI Online, is a more time efficient and modern way to administer your backflow program.

Not only does BSI specialize in backflow data management, but we also offer a multitude of additional services to best help serve your organization. We go above and beyond to make certain different aspects of your business run smoothly. We do so by providing:

Cross-Connection Mail Surveys: Whether you need complete turnkey service or just guidance, we can help you complete your cross-connection control mail survey and identify the potential hazards in your wastewater system.

Inspections: We have a full staff of licensed cross-connection control inspectors that can help identify and eliminate any unprotected cross-connections in your water system.

F.O.G. Program Management: We help assist municipalities across North America in proactively protecting public health and the environment from the dangers of sanitary sewer overflows.

Failed and Final Notices: When you are a BSI Online tracking customer, we can automate a Failed or additional Final notice for your program through the BSI system. These are additional automated notices along with the two we automatically send for water purveyors. The third notice informs properties and devices of a Failed device and/or provides additional notice to get their devices tested.

To learn more about BSI’s Automated Backflow Program Management, visit https://backflow.com/datamanagement/. To learn more about BSI’s Additional Services, visit https://backflow.com/additional-services/.