For years, backflow testers in the field had many tedious tasks that went into their everyday jobs. Testing the backflow assemblies was just a small part of what they had to do. While performing the test, they would have to write down the check valve readings. And then, once back in the office, they’d have to mail a physical copy of that test report to the water purveyor. They’d also have to make a copy of that test report, and file it away for their records. Not to mention, testers were responsible for reminding their customers when they’re coming due for their annual testing. That’s a whole lot of excess paper, postage, and not to mention time. Surely there has to be an easier way to go about this process. 

What if there was some sort of online system where you could just electronically enter the readings? Better yet, what if those readings were automatically submitted right to the correct water purveyor? 

Enter BSI Online! 

Our unique online filing & management system eliminates those tedious tasks. Testers can enter readings into our online system right there in the field at the time of the test! As soon as they press, “submit” on the test, the test is sent right to the water purveyor in real time. Our sophisticated system will automatically calculate if a test passed or failed, based on specific State standards, as a result of the checks & balances we have in place. Testers can also access their electronic test reports at any time. Just like that, testers can ditch their filing cabinets & stamps!  

Our system also sends out notices to water customers when they are coming due for their annual testing. These notices include the last tester of record’s name & phone number, so your customers will know who to call to schedule their testing. This process helps keep water customers compliant in their testing. 

The BSI Online system also keeps track of licenses & test kit calibrations, making it easy to know when a tester is due for renewal. 

The overall goal of the BSI Online system is to increase compliance, while making lives easier for both the testers & water purveyors. There’s no longer a need to go back to the office & spend countless hours following up with clerical duties – BSI will take those duties off your plate! So say goodbye to the old school way of doing things… BSI Online is revolutionizing the cross-connection control process!