Vallecitos Water District transitioned to BSI in June 2017. They previously used a software program to manage their annual data base. All notices, tests, tester certifications were all handled by the District and stored within the system. Allowing BSI to take over sending the notifications, test tracking and tester certification verification out of the District’s hands, has freed up many hours for District employees to focus their time elsewhere.

What method were you using to track your backflow records before BSI Online?

We used a software program, which was used basically as a data base (no tests submitted, or notices sent out to customer or tester).

What is your favorite feature on the current version of the BSI program?

Tests are submitted online by the tester and first 2 notices sent out by BSI.

How has partnering with BSI Online improved your day-to-day job duties?

Has greatly freed up time that would have been otherwise spent inputting test results; compiling notices, printing, stuffing; tracking non-compliant customers.

Would you recommend BSI Online to other municipalities or water purveyors?


How has your experience been with the BSI staff?

BSI is awesome, I enjoy working with their staff. They are quick to respond to questions, making correction requests or suggestions on how to make backflow compliance easier.

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