Cloud Based

What Does Cloud-Based Imply? 

Enhancing Efficiency with BSI Online’s Cloud-Based Solution 

“The Cloud” everyone has heard of it, but do you know what this magical storage entails? Simply put, cloud-based is a broad term used to describe the delivery of hosted services via the internet. This is not a physical entity, but rather a vast network of remote servers. Our cloud-based software program, BSI Online, is utilized online via the internet and is accessible from anywhere, on any device with internet capabilities!

Seamless 24/7 Access to Backflow Program Management

With BSI Online, the water purveyor has full control of its backflow program with access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! BSI Online is industry-leading with the accessibly of our cloud-based solution, allowing multi-user access with custom user roles and permissions, and unlimited user licenses! Our water purveyor receives an emailed copy of the test report with complete transparency of all letters and reports sent. BSI Online is both a solution and a service, providing niche data point tracking, transparency, real-time data, customer service, IT support, and security of backflow data. BSI Online is powering high-velocity backflow teams! 

Is my data safe and secure? 

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you own your data

BSI Online utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, which delivers a scalable cloud computing platform with high availability and dependability. AWS has a robust compliance program that enables BSI to incorporate the securing of data and systems for our customers. The IT infrastructure AWS provides to its customers is designed and managed in alignment with industry standards and best practices. BSI utilizes industry best practices in the development and maintenance of our solution. YOU own the data.

Cloud-Based Test Entry 

Smart forms coded to State or Provincial standards, per device type ensure seamless data capture and accuracy. Testers utilize our online smart forms and the reports are filed electronically by the backflow assembly tester via BSI Online. We verify all backflow contractor licenses and test kit calibration certifications. Online test report entry eliminates the need for paper test reports to be sent to you, equating to no more paper and test reports you cannot read!

Our backflow data management program is designed to help you efficiently and accurately manage all your data in one central location. Say goodbye to the days of sorting endless stacks of paper forms and trying to decipher messy handwriting, our system makes it easy to record, store, and retrieve all your backflow data with just a few clicks! Along with our cloud-based backflow program management solution, we offer a variety of different additional services to best serve our clients, to learn more about each visit