BSI’s Industry-Leading Account Management Department

When you contract with BSI Online, you receive unmatched, industry-leading support. Our user-friendly program allows you to access data 24/7. Our trained employees are here to provide additional support, and you also have a dedicated Account Manager to work with one-on-one while managing your backflow data program. To learn more about our committed Account Management Department, hear directly from Vice President of Account Management, Michelle Bever! 

Account Management Foremost Serving our BSI Clients, Partners, and Customers

Michelle has been with BSI Online for 11 years. In order for our Account Management team to best serve our BSI clients, partners, and customers, she feels the most vital attribute is the ability to be an active listener. Michelle says:

Vice President of Account Management

“Each one of our stakeholders have unique needs and goals. They may all be running a backflow or cross-connection program, but each have a unique perspective. It is important for us to listen and truly understand what their needs are, in order for us to discover a solution that is mutually beneficial.”

Motivating Factors for our Account Management Department

A motivating factor for the Account Management team is the genuine desire to help people. Michelle mentioned, “When a BSI client thanks us, or we see their compliance rating improve, we know that we made a positive impact on their program and community.”  

Essential Attributes for an Account Manager

When asked what qualities Michelle seeks in a person when adding a member to the Account Management team, she said, “The ability to multi-task…in this department, we do a little bit of everything. There is always a variety of work and the ability to juggle tasks while staying focused is imperative.”  

Maintaining Exceptional Communication and Relationships with our BSI Client

Our Account Management team maintains exceptional communication and solid relationships with each BSI client. They achieve this by reaching out via phone, email, Microsoft Teams and in person. “At times, we have questions that need to be answered. Others, we are just checking in to see if they need anything! It is the human interaction that sets us apart from the competition,” Michelle explained. 

To read more about what sets us apart from the competition, visit our customer service blog to hear from Customer Service Assistant Managers! 

Industry-Leading Stakeholder Support 

What constitutes BSI Online as the industry-leader? Michelle proudly states, “It is the human component. We have multiple competitors in the marketplace now, it is not just us. What we continue to hear time and time again is that we are people, not just a software solution. Our industry knowledge and hands-on approach appeals to our clients and potential clients- these clients become our partners.” Read below for testimonials about BSI’s unwavering stakeholder support: 

“The most user-friendly portal to submit results, from printing reports to paying fees online. And their staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable. The turn-around time to any questions or inquiries on devices are same day. Great feature with annual notifications as last tester, keeps us in touch with our customers and keep them up to date.” 


-BSI Online Client 

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BSI Online is the solution to manage all your backflow needs. Included in our cloud-based, data management solution is simply unmatched stakeholder support. We have team members ready to assist Water Customers and Testers with inquiries about your backflow program! To learn more about the solution to manage all your backflow needs, visit .