A One-on-One with Morgan Clarke: BSI’s Marketing Manager 

From recruiting, interviewing, and onboardingobtaining the right individuals to correctly market your product and protect your brand is a lengthy processThe same goes for successfully marketing an industry-leadingcloud-based, backflow data management solution– read all our program features hereTo learn more about what goes on “behind the scenes” at BSI Online, hear from BSI’s Marketing Manager, Morgan Clarke. 

Morgan Clarke

Meet Morgan!

Morgan Clarke has been with BSI Online for a year and a half. Morgan’s favorite BSI memory is the 2022 Backflow Gala and Chicago Cubs games. A fun fact about Morgan is that she is getting married next August! “I feel extremely lucky to work with such a tight-knit group of motivated individuals. Though working remotely, we have become so close and encourage each other to be our absolute bestbelieve that is eminent in our product and company culture,” Morgan explained.  

Motivating Factors for the Marketing Team

A motivating factor for Morgan is the initiative to turn potential clients into BSI partners through an email ad, social media post, or referral. “I love working closely with our Sales Department and confirming sales demos through our monthly email ads! Creating click-worthy content that encourages potential clients to improve their compliance rating with our cloud-based solution is always my goal and motivating factor. Marketing is ultimately what drives sales.Being a Marketing Manager means one must learn quickly, understand data, and make a significant impact on a company’s marketing objectives. To book a demo with our Sales Team, click here! Morgan also noted that receiving positive, 5-star, reviews via Google is encouraging and a statement to BSI’s industry-leading support! To leave us a review, click here!

Critical Roles of a Marketing Manager

“The most critical role of any Marketer is to recognize the imperative stakeholders of your organization, those whom you must market to. For BSI Online that would be: potential clients, current clients, and backflow testers. I find it most important to engage with all three stakeholders, crafting a marketing plan to fit the unique needs of each, and maintain relevance in our ever-growing industry,” Morgan stated.

Identifying your target audience is key and allows a company to target a specific group of consumers most likely to need one’s product or service.  

BSI Marketing and Graphic Design 

BSI Marketing and Graphic Design work closely and collaborate daily to create social graphics, email graphics, print advertising material, and complete website updates. “We have created very valuable marketing assets together. Some of my favorites are data-backed infographics, and organic social media posts. The role of a graphic designer stems far from simply designing graphics to meet our content needs, though. I have learned the vast depth of SEO (search engine optimization) importance. Educating the department on the significance of making our website visible is crucial. Colton Wicinski, our BSI Graphic Designer, has taken this role very seriously. He has increased our Google presence and has really worked to make a positive impact on the back end of our website. This creates more traffic and opportunities to convert prospects into customers, while retaining our current clients,” Morgan said. To learn more, click here! 

BSI Online is the solution to manage all your backflow needs. Included in our cloud-based, data management solution is simply unmatched stakeholder support. We have team members ready to assist Water Customers and Testers with inquiries about your backflow program! To learn more about the solution to manage all your backflow needs, click here

“BSI is easy to use and lets the City of Wilton Manors be on top of their backflow inspections. Keep up the GREAT work BSI. 

-BSI Client”

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