A Look Back on BSI’s Year, Backflow Solutions in 2023

A Year in Review

2023 was a milestone year for BSI Online- not only for our industry-leading team, but for the loyal customers who manage their backflow program data with our solution and service. As this year wraps up, we want to take a moment to review the goals achieved, major milestones for our departments, and thank you for making our favorite moments from this year possible, while being a part of the BSI backflow community! 

2023 Sales and Marketing Department Milestones

The BSI Sales Department had a monumental year. With the addition of Sales Assistant, Liz Johnson, the team was able to surpass their yearly meeting goal with flying colors. Hitting their 2023 goal early in the year, the team surpassed 200 total meetings in October with 3 months remaining. To put this number in perspective, the Sales Team had 187 total meetings for 2022. Currently, the department is at 250 meetings with a few weeks left in the year. This is a 35% YOY increase. Sales has averaged about 15 meetings per month since the beginning of the year, BSI’s highest per month in company history was 11 meetings per month! BSI sold the second highest number of valves in company history at 93,000 (highest year was 97,000). 66 new clients signed contracts with BSI in 2023. The estimated assemblies sold is a 36% YOY increase! Maryland was added as a new state this year, and we are now partnered with 32 states and 4 provinces.

Ronald McDonald House Charity

Earlier this year, an in-person department meeting, “Sales Week” was held. The BSI Sales Team packaged snack and toiletry packs for the Ronald McDonald House while they were gathered together in Chicago! 

This year, Marketing has helped to increase the number of Google reviews to 83 while maintaining 4.8 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

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Along with raving reviews, Marketing implemented our BSI Gives Back webpage. BSI is making a positive difference in our community and across the country by supporting commendable non-profit organizations. To learn about charities we are passionate about and join BSI Online in our initiative to give back, visit https://backflow.com/bsi-gives-back/. 


Marketing for BSI has increased open rates and click rates by 2% from last year!  

Eco Friendly Packaging

A goal for BSI in 2023 was to move to sustainable mailing materials – and Marketing made that happen! BSI was striving to reduce our environmental footprint even further in 2023 by committing to utilizing all sustainable packaging and mailing materials, making BSI Online go even more green! By using these recycled materials, we are reducing the amount of waste in landfills and preventing pollution by limiting our need to collect raw materials. As you know, our online, cloud-based solution already reduces the amount of paper used to manage a backflow program. To learn more about the material housing out BSI Swag, click here!

Interested in hearing more about the Marketing Department’s behind-the-scenes work at BSI? Hear directly from our Marketing Manager, here

2023 Account Management and Data Entry Milestones 

Account Management had an overarching year. Connecting with our loyal clients is of utmost importance. We were busy traveling to multiple tradeshows and events! These include Illinois Section WaterCon 2023, Texas Water in Houston, INAWWA Annual Conference, the ABPA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, and the Mid-Central Water Works Association Golf Outing!  

In 2023 Account Management started 67 new clients so far, with 24 in the process! 

Our Director of Field Operations, Jody Hill, conducted multiple inspections in Colorado including Boulder and Englewood. Also, supervised a multitude of inspections in Illinois. The BSI Sales and Account Management Team traveled to Arizona to meet with clients, including Flagstaff! BSI provided lunch and celebrated their 11-year anniversary partnering with BSI Online! 

BSI Employees with AWWA employees at a meet up.
Backflow Solutions at Watercon with our banner
Texas Convention booth
A Backflow solutions swag table at a Lunch and Learn

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We’re growing! Two new BSI Account Managers were added to the team this year! Additionally, two Account Managers were promoted to Account Management Supervisors! Along with an in-person department meeting, the Account Management team put together snack packs for the Ronald McDonald House, doing their part to support!  

BSI's Illinois Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn’s hosted this year include: 

  • Pompano Beach, Florida 
  • Illinois and Northern Illinois 
  • Plano, Texas
  • Fern Bluff, Texas 
  • North Carolina 

Reach out directly to marketing@backflow.com if you are interested in hosting a BSI Lunch and Learn! 

2023 Customer Service Milestones 

2023 was a busy and fulfilling year for our industry-leading customer service department! This Irrigation Season, our busiest time of year, the BSI Customer Service Team responded to a total of 415,000 phone and email inquiries from our Testing Community and Water Customers! 

New Hires- This year we welcomed multiple new Customer Service Representatives to the team! 

Total Calls for 2023:

Total calls on Testing Company side: 44,277 

Total calls on Water Customer side: 30,773 

Total Emails for 2023: 

Total emails received on Testing Company side: 163,390 

Total emails received on Water Customer side:  17,936 

Thank you to all our BSI clients, partners, testing community, and dedicated employees for making 2023 the milestone year it was! BSI Online is the solution to manage all your backflow needs. Included in our cloud-based data management solution and service is simply unmatched stakeholder support. We have team members ready to assist Water Customers and Testers with inquiries about your backflow program. We look forward to being your North American leader in backflow program management in 2024. To learn more about the solution to manage all your backflow program management needs, click here!