BSI Customer Spotlight: The City of Boca Raton

A Florida Customer Spotlight 

Q: What method were you using to track your backflow records before BSI Online?  

Luckily, when I was hired, the City was already using BSI Online! They previously used Tokay Backflow Prevention Software and sent letters out ourselves.” 

Q: What is your favorite feature on the current version of the BSI program?  

The ability to edit! This feature saves me so much time, not having to send requests to BSI every time I need to change something such as a mailing address. Also, the custom reports featureI use this often and find it very helpful. 

Q: Have you used BSI for additional services? (FOG, surveys, remediation, etc.)  

“We use BSI for our FOG Program, and we could not run our program without it. We have a lot of restaurants and businesses that require a grease trap and BSI does all the behind-the-scenes work so we can focus on completing our  inspections and making sure everyone is compliant.” 

Q: Has partnering with BSI Online improved your day-to-day job duties?   

Absolutely, we would have to hire at least two more people just to complete all services that BSI provides for our Backflow and FOG Programs. 

Q: Would you recommend BSI Online to other municipalities or Water Purveyors?

Yes, but only if you want your program to run efficiently! 😉

Q: How has your experience been with the BSI staff? 

All the Customer Service Agents and Data Entry Specialists are kind and very helpful. Our Account Manager, Daisy, is the best, she always gets back to us immediately if we have a question. 

Daisy Sanchez

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