Just over a year ago, the City of Granbury, TX was bogged down with the administrative tasks involved in running their backflow program. They decided to partner with BSI Online to handle their backflow data management. In that time, their program has grown by over 7%. And because they are able to focus more on enforcement, they have over a 90% compliance rate!  

We reached out to Jarrod Butler, Meter Reader Foreman for the City of Granbury, to share some insights into how his experience has been since partnering with BSI Online. 

What were the problems you needed to solve, which eventually led you to our program? 

Despite our efforts to clean up our backflow program, we could not efficiently run it or organize it in a satisfactory manner. The workload from compliance tracking and mailing letters alone was overwhelming.  

What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did? 

It is difficult to find such a thorough solution at an affordable price point in any situation, but BSI falls in to that category for backflow management 100%.  

What have you learned from working with us? 

BSI has exceptional customer service and will assist in any way possible. Communication is key, and BSI has been extremely receptive and understanding.  

What is your favorite feature on the current version of the BSI program? 

Compliance tracking and auto-mailed letters 

Have you used BSI for additional services? (F.O.G, surveys, remediation) 

We currently only utilize the backflow program, but intend to use the F.O.G. feature once TCEQ and BSI are able to give the green light.  

How has your experience been with the BSI staff? 

Although we have not met in person, they still make everything feel comfortable and personal. It is easy to misread tone in an email or text, but everything we have received from any BSI staff has come across as positive and helpful.  

Thank you, Granbury, for choosing to partner with BSI Online!