We all know that mailing in our line of business is a long, tedious, and expensive process. It can add unwanted stress and take up so much time that could be used somewhere else. We at BSI Online pride ourselves on our first-rate Mail Department. When signing up with BSI, we take all the worry and stress from the client. We have a team that is solely dedicated to sending mail to all water consumers. They handle all mail sending and even research return mail. No longer do our clients have to worry about the expenses, the stress, or the paper cuts. 

Marketing Vice President, Michelle Bever stated, “The mailing process is the most important thing we do. If the letters are not delivered correctly (and accurately) the property owner is not notified, therefore, no test is entered in the system.” Water customers rely on the letters being on time and with the correct information to know when they need to test their backflow devices. BSI’s organized system helps to ensure both accurate information and on-time testing to maintain the integrity of our customer’s water resources. 

City and municipalities know that irrigation season sees a major influx of letters being sent. BSI’s mailing team lines up and pull together to ensure that everything is handled quickly and efficiently. Executive Vice President, Brad Stancampiano has been around since the company was sending only 20 letters a day. Currently we send over 1,000 letters on our slow days and an average of 3,000 letters on our busy days. Irrigation season, the time from April through July, is high time for our mailing team. Just last week we send out 14,000 letters in one day! Our max this year was 20,000 letters sent in a single day. 

On our grand mailing days, it isn’t uncommon for Stancampiano and our Vice President of Operations, Chrissy Walsh, to be here at 5:00 am to start the printing and sorting process. Each letter is analyzed to make sure the notifications being sent to the same person are grouped together, everything printed right, and addresses look correct, etc. Stancampiano attested that the human touch throughout the entire process ensures a successful endeavor. Another BSI Team Member, Jessica R., helps the mailing team on the grand mailing days. She said, “I can tell you it is a lot of sorting, looking for multi-page letters, stuffing, praying the machines don’t break on us.” The process isn’t easy. Employees in the mailing department can be seen carrying 10 to 30 bins full of letters to go out for mailing. Jessica stated that her favorite part is seeing the face of the mail lady when she comes in on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. “She knows it will be a big letter day. She usually has to call in for a special pick up for all our letters,” Jessica said with a laugh. 

BSI puts everything into making sure the letters are sent on time and to the correct water customer, so to take the stress from the city/municipality. Switching to BSI will take loads off the plate of those currently struggling with their backflow program. Ship us your worries! Reach out today to learn more about our program and our mailing team/process.