Check out the review below. We are now managing over 75 water systems in the State of Texas, making BSI the largest provider in the State for backflow data management.

  1. What method were you using to track your backflow records before BSI Online?

The software we were using before required paper forms and for our department to enter in all the information on the form. Sometimes if information was missing, or if a form and payment was provided for a device we didn’t need, it required a lot of back and forth between our department and either the testing company or the constituent.

  1. What is your favorite feature on the current version of the BSI program?

We love that BSI sends the annual notices on our behalf. That was tedious work and took up a lot of time that we can now put towards other tasks.

  1. How has partnering with BSI Online improved your day-to-day job duties?

It has saved us time and is easy for us to use. If any resident or business owner has questions about the cross-connection program it is extremely easy to pull up their location, see what is due, and explain to them what needs to be done.

  1. Would you recommend BSI Online to other municipalities or water purveyors?


  1. How has your experience been with the BSI staff?

Courtney has been awesome to work with. She is very prompt and always helpful in an above and beyond kind of way.