Backflow Solutions, Inc. has grown and evolved over the years, and we felt it was time for a face lift. Our rebranding not only reflects who we are as a company but represents the ongoing evolution of online, backflow data management. We chose a fresh, more modern look to capture our mission to deliver excellent quality, customer service and expertise.

The new logo is a transition from our old wave in ‘online’ to a modern, more dynamic visualization of water, which represents our ultimate goal, to partner with water purveyors to help protect the water in which they serve. An evolution of the wave was integral to our business solution, customers, and family here at BSI.

We've revolutionized our look!

We’ve also relaunched our website, Our company is built on cross-connection expertise and experience in the field. In a time when you can find everything out online, we felt stakeholders (residents, commercial properties, property managers, testers, and even water purveyors) were still not informed about cross-connection control and backflow prevention. We have launched with our website, The Backflow Academy. You can learn everything from what backflow is, different devices, and even maintenance.

We hope you like this new look and feel for BSI Online! Look out for more updates as we continue to better serve our users with clean, modern, user-friendly technology and information. Thank you for being apart of the BSI Online family.