Cross Valley Water District has been a fantastic partner over the last year. Their previous method of annual tracking was time consuming and taking up so much staff time to enter data. Our partnership has eased the workload, streamlined many processes and maintained over 96% compliance for their program. Read below about the ease of transition to our platform and how easy it is to work with BSI staff. 

  1. What method were you using to track your backflow records before BSI Online?

Excel, the testers would fax, mail, and/or email the test reports and credentials, then staff would enter data in an excel spreadsheet and the utility billing system.

  1. What is your favorite feature on the current version of the BSI program?

Tracking the testers and information, number of devises, basically everything. I have used other tracking software; it takes time from your staff to make the data entry with using BSI the tester can do this at the site and can verify the data that was entered is correct. It reduces paper and a huge process improvement for District staff.

BSI assisting with the letters and making it work to our new Cross Connection program for testing to be completed by May 31, of every year.

Not part of the program, but an added benefit is the ability to refer customers to the Backflow Academy to answer questions. Referring customers to the BSI staff to answer questions is another helpful resource in responding to customers. Also, the ability to have the comments on each account that are focused on backflow has increased efficiency, instead of scanning through all correspondences on the billing account.

  1. How has partnering with BSI Online improved your day-to-day job duties?

Staff can focus on other tasks that they were unable to get to, due to data entry and tracking.

  1. Would you recommend BSI Online to other municipalities or water purveyors?

I have reached out to other District’s to explain the ease of use and time savings.

  1. How has your experience been with the BSI staff?

Very professional, very easy transition and always available to help with questions. Staff enjoyed working with BSI from start to going live. Courtney and Lindsey have been great, always there when I have a question. They are timely in adding new devices and the communication throughout the process has been wonderful.  The BSI staff have been accommodating and very easy to work with.

Tracking everything in Excel AND a water billing system or asset management platform? Contact a program implementation specialist with BSI about transitioning to an easy-to-use backflow data management platform today.